Class Uniforms

From Term 2 there is the  Compulsory Uniform

The term 2 fees will include Jumper (Blue or Pink), t-shirt , bottoms and Water Bottle Extras like the new dance bag, can be bought at very reasonable price. Folders will also be given to each child when they start with us and we ask that these come to class each week and parents check the folder for notes or rehearsal marital.

* If you wish to have a personalized  uniform there is an additional 5-euro charge to each item.

Reason for Uniform

Like most activities for children such as ballet, football, karate and much more, a uniform is for the benefit of the child’s comfort and professionalism

A uniform can also set a sense of belonging: If students wear the same clothes to the class then they share a feeling of belonging with each other and being part of a team, otherwise it gets very difficult to achieve.

Uniforms are very important and fosters traits which are very necessary for a person as an individual and an organization as a whole to thrive and prosper.



New Uniform, New prices……


10 Euro 


25 Euro 


30 Euro 


16 Euro 

Hight waisted leggings

18 Euro 

Dance Bag

18 Euro 

Small Backpack

6 Euro 

Water Bottles

3 Euro 

Bandana/ Double Hairband

3 Euro 

Single Small Hairband

2 Euro 

Personalised Uniform

5 Euro 

*Please allow up to 3.5 weeks from date of order 

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