What are the Term fees?

Little rascals €105, €155.
Chipmunks €180, €230
Starlets€180, €230
Seniors€180, €230
Adult dance €40 for 5 weeks prepay or €10 per class

How are the Classes broken down? Each class is broken down with the following:

Little rascals
1st 10mins dance warm up
2nd Acting News
3rd Drama
4th Singing
5th Dance
6th Game (if we have time)

Chipmunks & Starlets
1st 10mins all together for dance warmup
2nd Split the group into chipmunks (Dance) and Starlets (Drama/Singing)
3rd Bring all students back together for 10 mins break.
4th Split the group into chipmunks (Drama and Singing) and Starlets (Dance)

1st warm up drama game
2nd vocal warmup
3rd Singing
4th Drama
5th Quick water break
6th Dance warm up and corner work.
7th Dance

What are the Benefits of attending intrepidus Stage School?

Though improvisation students learn how to understand life situations and to think outside the box. This in turn helps going into unfamiliar situations with more confidence.
This teaches students to trust their ideas and abilities. This will always help throughout school, career and life.

Being creative is a skill that can help to make choices in life, as in looking qt things from many different angles.

By learning and understanding empathy through characterisation or different roles, plays and musicals. It encourages students to show compassion and tolerance for others.

Playing, developing and practicing a character helps with focusing on the mind, body and voice which uses focus and concentration

Communication Skills
Through stage school you have to be able to speak up and be heard, we do this in a polite and clear way. A life skill for all.

At Intrepidus stage school or main aim is that each student has fun in an open and friendly way to both their teachers and classmates. Acting and Dance will bring out all of the students ’emotions, in return this can release stress.

Emotional Outlet
Acting and drama scenes, games and plays can allow students to express a large range of emotions.

Physical Fitness
Thought screenwork, drama games show rehearsals and dance class we aim to be highly focused on your child’s fitness in a fun way.

Rehearsals and performances of lines and movement are key to improve memory. Just like a physical workout your mind needs to exercise just like any other muscle.
Appreciation for the word of performance, because using your imagination can being joy to your life

What are the ages in the classes?

Little rascals Age 3/5 (must be toilet trained)
Chipmunks Age 5/7 years
Starlets Age 8/11 years

Chipmunks Age 4/6 years
Starlets Age 7/ 11 years
Seniors Age 12/17 years

(T& C’s apply)

Adult dance
Over 18 only
(Ages are not set in stone; things can change depending on class capacity or child’s ability.)

What is the Ratio in the classes?

Little Rascals – Max 15
Chipmunks and Starlets – Max 17
Seniors – Max 17
Graduates – Max 30
Adult Dance – Max 25

Is a Uniform required?

All student Must wear their Intrepidus Uniform this makes all students equal and in appropriate clothing for the activity.
No dresses or skirts are permitted as the students need to be able to jump around and feel comfortable in class. Hair should be tied back and off the face.

Are Parents permitted into the Classes?

Parents will not be allowed to come into a class while we are teaching.
This is very disruptive to other students and can lead to younger children getting stressed.
Also, as the child will be building their confidence and trust with their teachers.


“My two children started Intrepidus Stage School (3 years ago?) a bit little shy and quiet. But Olwyn and her wonderful team have coached and developed their confidence, strengths and personalities beyond belief. They have amazed me with what they are capable of with the consistent encouragement and support in a safe and inclusive environment. Not only have they become more self aware and confident with being on stage, but this has impacted positively on so many areas of their learning and communication… in school, sports and at home.
My girls over the years with Olwyn have loved the drama, singing and dancing and the wonderful shows but most of all the great fun and friendships they have made. It is absolutely their favorite after school activity, a home from home! Couldn’t recommend it more, it’s a truly wonderful stage school.”


“Intrepidus Stage School has helped me so much with my confidence and now I can talk in public and in front of my class which I couldn’t do before without freaking out and panicking! Olwyn and all the teachers are so supportive and they make everyone smile.
The reason why Intrepidus is so amazing is because it’s a safe, happy and caring place where everyone can express themselves and no one will judge them for it! Also, the end-of-year shows are really hard work but soooo much fun! I can’t wait to join the Seniors class in September!”